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Latest additions/updates:

- updated arena Rewards except for PvP and Limited yet

- Card Repair & Lab added and Sealing updated

- Cards Exchanger reworked to Card Appraiser (NPC)

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Mabinogi Duel is a Trading Card Game (TCG), where you can play duels against other players (PvP) or an artificial intelligence (AI) in PvE matches. These take place in so called arenas or certain missions in the game. They are vastly different in skill level, prize range and effort you need to put in. To compete in arenas or missions the players can use either their own cards or randomly generated cards in so called draft missions or arenas. Competing in arenas means competing for the best ranks and rewards.


Matches in Mabinogi Duel use a combination of different game mechanics:

  • Lane-based battlefields
  • a level depending number of possible actions
  • no card drawing, since the player's hand always consists of the whole deck at the beginning of a match
  • a semi randomized resource system

Cards and Card sets

As of the prerelease of the FoD set (in October 2016), the game consists of 900+ unique cards. The actual card count is even bigger though, since Mabinogi Duel offers so called mutants of cards. They give deck builders much more variety and the possibility to use certain cards in more than one Faction and different power levels as well..

There are five main card sets (so called 'Generations' in Mabinogi Duel) with their respective 'plus'-expansions, that have been officially released so far. Also there have been four special set releases, that were only available for a brief time. One prerelease set is completing the lot.

Top tier cards are called staples in the Mabinogi Duel and are usually the fundament of any good deck.


Owned cards can be traded with other players in so called Personal Shops or with the Cat Merchant or can be sold back to the game for gold with the help of the Card Appraiser (NPC). Gold is one of the two currencies in the game, the other being gems. The latter can only be obtained as rewards or with real money and is usually used to buy boosters, preconstructed decks or other game related content in the Shop Page.

Each card has a minimum and maximum price limit, depending on its rarity (star count), set origin and mutant state. These minimum prices make it impossible to just gift cards to other players. The game subtracts a certain tax for each sold card, depending on the player's VIP level.

It is however possible to gift certain items to other players.

Story Mode

There is also a story mode with unique missions in the game. It currently consists of ten chapters, which help introducing new players to some of the lore of Mabinog Duel, to its heros and creatures and to the fundamental game mechanics. The player can earn small rewards after finishing missions and chapters.

A couple of new chapters were published on 2016/11/17.

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