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All cards are originally obtainable through certain set boosters in Mabinogi Duel. Those sets are distinguished through so called Generations. Each card has an abbreviation (G1, G2 etc.) on it, which represents to which set it belongs.

There are some restrictions, which set boosters are actually available in the shop page:

  • only the latest set boosters are directly obtainable
  • only the pre-release set boosters are directly obtainable
  • all other regular sets are only available indirectly via Super boosters or Last Season boosters
  • Collaboration sets are only available for a limited time

Regular Sets

Cards from regular sets are always available through certain boosters on the shop page.

The Plus-sets are small expansions sets for their parent set, which usually contain some powerful cards. Their boosters are not available any more as arena rewards. Players can only obtain the latest Plus Boosters by buying them for gems or as special reward boosters for selling cards to the Card Appraiser.

G1: Lord of Farkka

G1: Lord of Farkka is basic set of cards for Mabinogi Duel. G1 is composed with very helpful creatures and spells which will directly help you to start Mabinogi Duel. If you are very new to Duel games, we strongly recommend G1 cards.*

Most of this sets cards are still relevant or are even setting the de facto standard for certain aspects in the game. E.g. Elf as the most efficient creature and Hunt as the removal spell all creatures are measured with. See Staples for all G1 must have cards.


G1p was the first expansion set for a Generation. It was meant to introduce more powerful cards to the game.

Notable cards are:

With the release of later Generations, this set got mostly power creeped.

G2: Era of Dragons

This Generation features powerful dragons of each resource and fearless dragon slayers. A variety of Grave Cards are included for more strategic battles.*

See Staples for all G2 must have cards.


G3: Jerhna, the Magician's Home

Meet the great magic-users and ultimate Spell Cards of G3 Jerhna, the Magician's Home. Five-star cards with powerful abilities are introduced for the first time in the game.*

See Staples for all G4 must have cards.


G4: Rise - Age of Machines

G4 brings Doom Machines that use Soulstones and other various machine creatures. With the fascinating spell cards never seen before, you can now duel with new tactics.*

See Staples for all G4 must have cards.


WNB: Witches and Beasts (G5)

Clash between witches and beasts! Witches with unique abilities, Beastkin with distinct transformations, and various spells with fascinating effects are waiting for you! Try WNB for a more exciting Dueling experience!*

See Staples for all WNB must have cards.


FoD: Forest of the Dead (G6)

See Staples for all FoD must have cards.

This set is currently in prerelease.

* Texts taken from the MD homepage

Collaboration Sets

Boosters for the following sets have been or currently are only available for a brief period of time in the shop page:

C1 (Amanza webtoon)

  • available from ??? to ???
  • author: Kim, Botong: Amanza.
  • Synopsis: The title AMANZA refers to a cancer patient. It is the autobiographical story of Manhwa artist, Bo-tong Kim, who loses his father following his battle with cancer. With this shock, he quits his job and becomes a Manhwa artist. The main character in his 20s is diagnosed with terminal cancer. The story portrays the daily struggles and sadness in a warm, witty light. Although he is confined to bed in a hospital battling cancer, in his dreams, he travels through a forest in search of a Desert King. (source)
  • this set was initially only allowed for a brief amount of time to be used in arenas (source); later those restrictions were lifted and the C1 cards were allowed to be used anywhere (source) - although nerfed somewhat to address the sheer power of some cards (source)

See Staples for all C1 must have cards.

C2 (Vindictus)

available from ??? to ??? (ca. March 2016)

See Staples for all C2 must have cards.

CLO (Closers)

available from ??? to ??? (ca. April 2016 )

See Staples for all CLO must have cards.

TBT (Taboo Tattoo)

  • available from 2016/10/06 to 2016/10/26
  • Due to licensing problems (source?) were this set's boosters only available in South Korea and Japan (forum thread).
  • There was no official word on why this happened or how this would be handled. In fact there wasn't even a single official notice globally, that this set was introduced at all.
  • All further questions and comments by users were ignored by Nexon on Facebook (this previous notice was mostly used for complaints) and their official forum (in the feedback forum here and here, in the bug forum here and here).

See Staples for all TBT must have cards.


  • the theme is some semi historical background from European Renaissance (?) personalities
  • introduced in 50 gem boosters on ??? with just one 4 star SIH card in it and ??? old cards as fillers
  • the chance to get one was extremely slim, sine there was only one card in the whole booster and it even was a 4 star card (the higher the rarity, the lower the chance)
  • every 14 (???) days there was another SIH card available
  • the cost of the SIH boosters was reduced to 30 with the 2017/02/09 patch; but now no price reducing tickets could be used anymore

BZL (BlazBlue)

  • starting with the 1st of March 2017, BZL was available in the shop


This is not a set in the normal sense. EXT (for Extra?) is just used for cards, which can't be traded and can only be obtained as arena prizes or through certain events and event boosters as well from event challenges. Therefore those cards can only be played, collected or sold to the Card Appraiser (NPC). Since patch 2017/04/12 EXT cards are being tradeable finally.