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What is Soul Link?

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Mabinogi Duel SoulLink 

- Link with your friends’ devices to trade cards and to challenge them to Friendly and Master Class duels.


The upper side of your and your friend’s phone should meet. Then take the cable and link it with your friend’s cable.

When linked with SoulLink, you can do a duel or trade cards.

Friendly Duel / When you win, you will receive advancement points which will advance your class from Duel class 10 to Master class 10. Until you advance to Duel class 1, you will receive few advancement points, even when you lose, so no worries.

Master Class Duel / Over Master Class 1 players compete with each other to prove they are worth the class. Players have to pay a participation fee (Gold). The winner gets the advancement points. When a player loses a duel, he/she loses advancement points and can even be degraded.

What about challenging a nearby friend to a duel?

Mabinogi Duel Soul Link example.png


as of 9/29/2015

The community has learned that through significant security measure, the game uses network and GPS location to determine that you guys are close - make sure mock locations is turned off if you're on an Android device as Soul Link will notice it and disable Soul Link.

as of 9/29/2015

You can fake your GPS location to someone not physically close to you to emulate proximity and thus be able to Soul Link with someone.Success will vary since it obviously depends on each person's device and method of faking their GPS location.