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Tips for beginners

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Starter Packs

Structure Decks

Deck Building 101

Always save your replay, if you lose! Watch it again and try to find what went wrong to get better next time!

How to deal with 'OP' creatures
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Cheap, easy and fast deck(s) for the daily missions
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Arena tips
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How to make millions: Trading and 'Flipping' guide
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What is a good creature?
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Some thoughts about when to buy which boosters
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update 2016/11/10: Since WNBp brought so many new very expensive cards - especially its mutants - and the gold value keeps inflating, I (sicut) am currently looking into if buying super boosters [during mutant festivals] might still be the second best option after collaboration boosters.

Until then, the priority should be:

  1. any available collab booster
  2. WNBp booster with a good card and a good chance to get the card
  3. Super Boosters [during mutant festivals]

[sicut's old rant, copied from my reddit entry]

Hey, ok, since I everybody recommended Super Boosters already, here another opinion: DONT BUY super boosters....but let me explain.

When you have hundred thousands of gold and dozens/hundreds of gems to blow feel free to do's a gamble, but it might be wort it.

Super booster contain all cards in the game except for collaboration cards. That means they include more than 85% trash. They also contain all mutants of the game. So go here and uncheck the collaboration sets (C1, C2 and CLO). A lot of the remaining cards have 3 mutants. Usually only one of them is good. If it's already a good card, the mutants are often even worse. And the remaining ca. 20 mutants are really what all are talking about to get, since they are not in the daily mutant rotation. Check the linked lists here for the specific cards.

So you are looking at a very very low probablity of getting one of those cards out of 3000+ others. The probablity to get a mutant is even lower than a normal 5 star card. The exact math is Nexon's secret. Those cards are that rare for a reason...

That leaves the question, what to get then for gems. Easy...scan this thread (and help contribute!) regularly and go for the booster containing the card ,that makes your rookie/pvp decks better to earn even more gems and more importantly mutant booster coupons tickets or that just sells for a good sum (150k to 200k gold is not uncommon for good rotation mutants). That maybe even be a plus booster, if the card is great (currently that would be g4p with Seeker: Neriva, which sells for 300+k). The plus and mutant boosters have a cosiderably higher chance to get the displayed card than Super Boosters have for getting a super rare.

Now compare the mentioned rotation mutant prices with the prices of the super rares. Even only a handful of the super rares net more than a million. Do the math yourself for getting one of those to really make more gold with super boosters than with daily mutants.

If u wanna spend gems, make that count! Your foremost priority should be getting together good decks to get even more gems/tickets/rewards.

Easy gems in PvP[edit | edit source]

A fast and reliable way to quickly gather gems is to play the PvP Arena. Here you gain points even if you lose until you reach the gold level if the match lasts more than 3 of your turns. Gold requires 600 points and until then, each 3+turns lost match gives you 50 points. This means that even if you always lose only 12 duels will be required. At 10 stamina per match this is equivalent to a maximum of 120 stamina required every 2 days (PVP Arena last 2 days). After gold instead a lost match will reduce your score.

The reward for gold in PVP arena are pretty consistent: 20 gems, 1 last season booster, 1 daily mission unlock ticket and 1 draft mission unlock ticket. You can exchange the ticket for a daily mission and draft mission respectively (redeem them in the "Ticket" menu when you see a daily or draft mission booster that you want to get).

PVP Arena runs 3 times a week: Monday-Tuesday, Wednesday-Thursday and Friday-Sunday. This mean that for 360 stamina in 6 days you can get 60 gems, 3 last season booster, 3 daily mission unlock tickets and 3 draft mission unlock tickets every week.

As PVP duels usually are quite long, if you have few time to play but a lot of stamina you can simply choose to lose every match until you reach gold. To make the process faster you can hit yourself using Sell Soul, Arrow of Revenge, etc. and use an take advantage of the skills of heroes such as Old Man, Tarlach, Mari, etc. Remember to always make sure that you lose at the earliest in your fourth turn.

Reduced stamina consumption on the weekends[edit | edit source]

As you've probably noticed, Sunday the stamina consumption is halved. To prolong this period it's possible to use a simple trick.

If you live in Europe you can for example set your device timezone to that of an Asian country as soon as there it's Sunday. Then, when in that country Monday approaches, you can revert to your previous timezone. Doing so, you will gain several hours of halved stamina consumption. However, closing the app and restarting your device every time you change your timezone is required for the exploit to be effective, at leat as tested in an Android operating system.