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If a card was successfully sold, the game will keep a certain amount of gold relative to the sales price - the tax or how Devcat likes to call it: Service Fee. This tax is directly connected to the VIP level of the player. The higher the players VIP level is, the lower will the tax be. The exaxt tax reduction can always be checked in the VIP details.

Tax values
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See the star main article for a full comparison table

The game also distinguishes between two classes of cards when determining the tax:

  1. Mutants, collaboration, plus and 5 star cards
  2. the rest, aka 'normal' cards with 4 or less stars

The default tax values at a VIP level of 0 are as follows

  • deducts 20% or less from the price for sold cards of class 1
  • deducts 10% or less from the price for sold cards of class 2

At VIP level 5

  • deducts 15% from class 1
  • deducts 5% from class 2

Example: You are a VIP level 5 and know that you can sell 1/4 Goblin Bomb Squad (GBS) at 11.111 gold, all day. From that sale, you receive around 10.500. This means that you can safely snipe any clean GBS at 8.000 and make 2.500 in profit.