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A staple card is a card, which every player should have at least one copy of. Usually those are not so expensive, but very useful and flexible cards.

The following list tries to cover all good cards and was inspired by this forum thread from Gabo. The mutant of staple cards are usually also very good, but of course much more expensive due to their rarity.


() - this card is still good, but got either power creeped, is relatively niche or there are some (more expensive) better cards

* - this card is expensive (around 200.000 gold)

** - this card is extremely rare and/or expensive (500.000 and up to millions of gold)

# - this card's mutant is better than the vanilla card

PvE - this card is good in PvE arenas

PvP - this card is good in PvP arenas

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Alraune*#PvE -> Her Dark and normal +1PvE,PvP mutants are much better

AmbushPvE,PvP -> the Nature mutant is also good, since Nature doesn't have good AoE effects

Arrow of RevengePvP -> its mutantsPvP are also very good

BetrayalPvP -> its DarkPvP mutant is one of the most sought after cards in the game

Book of KnowledgePvP -> also its Mana mutant

Drag to HellPvE -> also its LightPvE mutant

ElfPvE,PvP -> also its LightPvE,PvP mutant; stay clear of the +1 and -1 mutants though

Elf Hero Tris**#PvP -> especially its normal +1PvP and Light +1PvP mutant versions

Feathers of PhoenixPvP -> also its LightPvP mutant


Goblin Bomb SquadPvE,PvP -> also its NaturePvE,PvP mutant; one of the staples in PvE arenas

Goblin Chieftain# -> its +1PvE,PvP rotation mutant is much much better

Goblin Gravekeeper#PvP -> its Gold and normal +1PvP mutants are better

HellhoundPvE,PvP -> also its ManaPvE mutant

Holy MissilePvE,PvP -> also its ManaPvP mutant

Holy SpearPvE -> one of the staples in PvE arenas

HuntPvE,PvP -> also its LightPvE,PvP mutant; the removal spell, that every creatures gets measured with

Magic MissilePvP

Mud Hero DrassPvE,PvP

Phantom of the WolfPvE,PvP


Skeleton KnightPvE,PvP -> also its Mana mutant

SlapPvE,PvP -> also its Light and normal +1 mutants

Surprise AttackPvE,PvP -> the other removal spell, that every creatures gets measured with - especially at level 3, since it does more damage than Hunt

Turn to FrogPvE,PvP -> also its DarkPvE,PvP mutant

Vampire#PvP -> its Mana +1PvP and normal +1PvP mutants are much better; the Mana mutant is often in rotation, the normal +1 is much rarer though

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Bloody AuroraPvE,PvP -> also its +1 mutant

Cocoon of EvolutionPvE,PvP -> just don't leave it in the deck since the AI is misusing it as a buff spell on its own creatures

Counter SpellPvE,PvP

Counter SummonPvE,PvP

Doppelganger TraumaPvE,PvP -> also its DarkPvE,PvP mutant

EaglePvE,PvP -> also its LightPvE,PvP mutant

Hidden SpiderPvP

(Internal Conflict)



Mirror of TruthPvP -> also its DarkPvE,PvP mutant - especially in Farkka decks

(Net Warrior)

PetrifyPvE -> the Mana mutant is even better, since Mana has problems with cheap single spot removal

Summoning CommisionPvE,PvP

Trap in CastlePvE,PvP -> also its GoldPvE,PvP mutant

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Angel:Orperia*#PvE,PvP -> -1 is much better, but much more expensive

Dragon Hunter:Scott*#PvE -> its Light mutant very good in PvE for the AI and it is pretty expensive too

Goblin InterceptPvE,PvP

Summon DeadPvP -> suddenly (after patch 2017/02/09) THE card to absolutely destroy any deck relying on Seeker:Neriva and/or Counter Spell

Stone Curse*PvE,PvP

Undine: Aquora*PvP -> this single card is a hard counter to A LOT of cards and decks, since it prevents any effects on summon (Goblin Chieftain, Angel:Orperia, Vampire, Magician Jurh, Magician:Masked Field and so on)

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Black Bean: Amanza's Mind**PvP

Urgent Arrest**PvE,PvP

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Persona:Arisha**PvE -> PvE Arena monster

Persona:Scathach**PvE -> PvE Arena monster

(Sidhe Sneachta's Bear)*PvE -> more of a limited card now, but still good

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Alby Stone golemPvE,PvP -> PvE Arena monster as well as its its Gold mutant

Cocoon TrapPvE,PvP

Flame EmissionPvE,PvP -> THE Gold AoE at the moment

Forest FirePvE,PvP

Freeze SummonPvP

Mage:39 year oldPvE

Magician: Masked FieldPvE,PvP

Notira's NeedlePvP

Paralyzing BulletPvE,PvP

(Windblade Teyon)PvE,PvP

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(Dragon's Guardian)PvP

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Chief of Staff: Ash**PvE,PvP -> nerfed on 2016/11/02

Chief of Staff: Dust**PvE,PvP - nerfed to unplayablity on 2016/11/02

Closer:Misteltein**PvP -> The PvP monster and the most expensive card in the game currently nerfed on 2016/11/02

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Doom Machines: all*PvE,PvP

(Holy Machine:Unit 2)PvE


Ice SpearPvE,PvP -> also its DarkPvE,PvP mutant

Night InvasionPvP

(Shurka & Tarka)**

(Technician:Assistan Leaf)

Void ArrowPvE -> this is being used and especially nasty in Veteran Arena, since the starting HP of the player in his last matches of the streak are so low

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Command Hunting*PvE,PvP -> also its LightPvE,PvP mutant; very good removal - especially against creatures, that survive Hunt and/or are untargetable

Flying SwordPvE,PvP

Growth Vine*PvE,PvP

Seeker: Neriva**PvE,PvP

(Seeker: Everis)*PvE,PvP

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Ambush VinePvE,PvP

Beastkin:Jones# -> Normal + 1 and Nature +1PvE are much better, since they survive Hunt

(Beastkin:Jurgen)**PvE,PvP -> very gimmicky card

ElephantPvE,PvP -> same as Elf and so is the LightPvE,PvP mutant of Elephant very good as well

Heavy OfferingPvE,PvP -> but swap it out if the AI takes over! indirectly nerfed on 2016/11/02 by buffing Demon:Calamus

Hyena KingPvE,PvP -> also its Gold rotation mutant

(Hikaru's Shuriken)



(Soul Snatcher:Prowse)PvP

Tiger# -> +1PvP is much better, but much more expensive and still good after two nerfs

Water GhostPvP

White SharkPvE,PvP


(Witch's Servant:Coco)*PvP

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Beastkin:Jane**PvP -> her Gold mutant** is also very good and rare

Beastkin:Mino#*PvE,PvP-> +1** is much better, but much more expensive

Card Appraiser*PvE,PvP -> it combos extremely well with its own Light mutant** -> not anymore after patch 2017/02/09, but it's still a very good card

Detective:Christy#*PvE,PvP -> +1** is much better, but much more expensive

Paralyzer:Elurin#**PvE,PvP -> immensly buffed after patch 2017/02/09, but obviously too good, so a nerf will happen sooner or later; the -1 mutants seem to be the best

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Aryabhata** -> a monster if the opponent doesn't have an anser like Drag to Hell or Command Hunting

Bluesy Fluesy**PvP -> very aggressive card, that is best answered by Command Hunting or Goblin Bomb Squad

Lisa Lovelock*PvE,PvP -> nice in aggro decks or in high level AI decks to finish off opponents

Seigi**PvE,PvP -> the AI only uses it correctly by be warned if you do not want to swap him out

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Apocalypse Zombie**PvP ->very gimmicky, but can be a deadly finisher in high lvl AI decks and in PvP Gates of Hell decks and the like

Goblin ShredderPvE,PvP -> great against Nature creatures obviously (Elf/Elephant and especially Hyena King) and a great combination with Cocoon of Evolution/Cocoon Trap

Holy StakePvP

(Homing Pigeon)PvP

Shadow VampirePvP -> still an awesome card, even after the nerf - just better balanced now

Spirit of Seduction:LusalkaPvE,PvP -> great card, especially in Limited and PvP arenas -> nerfed on 2017/02/09

Tailor:Miss ShelleyPvP

(Vampire Count:Bronte)PvE,PvP

(Vampire Prince:Dorian)PvP

Zombie CombinerPvE,PvP -> it was heavily nerfed (2 times)

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still all new

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