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The shop page is part of the Main Menu and consists of a lot of trade and booster related content.

Membership overview[edit | edit source]

Here you can see your current memberships, you subscribed to. Further information below under Memberships (cont.).

Personal shop board[edit | edit source]

There is the personal shop board on top (in tablet mode on the right) with the most current shop receiving a special place on its left.

Booster section[edit | edit source]

Boosters can be obtained with gems and/or tickets in the game. Except for super boosters, all boosters guarentee at least a 2 star (or higher) card. Since your can look at the contents of each booster (again, except for Super boosters), you can determine the chances you will have to get a certain card, if it has at least 2 stars.

Pease check the booster main article for more information.

Structure decks[edit | edit source]

Main article: Structure Decks

There are three preconstructed decks available for purchase. They are called Structure decks and each one follows a certain theme.

Do NOT buy Structure decks. They are overpriced!

Update 2016/09/28: They put in new decks and they are miles better now.

Card Appraiser (NPC) & Personal shop[edit | edit source]

See the main pages for Card Appraiser (NPC) and Personal Shop for more information.

Memberships (cont.) and Purchase Gems[edit | edit source]

The different memberships are obtainable here. Except for the Gold Membership, all others cost real money. The same goes for purchasing gems. If you are a new player, the Gold Membership might/will be too expensive, better get some good cards for that gold. But later on the Gold Membership is a very cheap way to get some more gems without spending real money.

Starter packs[edit | edit source]

Do NOT buy starter packs. They are overpriced!