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Resources are used to cast spells and creatures during a match. There are five different resources, representing the different factions in the game: Dark, Gold, Light, Mana, Nature.

Resources can be gained randomly or fixed through various ways.

It should be noted, that absolutely no random resource generation takes place, if the used deck only consists of a single faction!

Random resource generation
[edit | edit source]
  • at the start of the match:
    • playing a 3 color deck: 2 resources for one of the colors
    • playing a mono or 2 color deck: 1 + 2 resources
  • On level up: 2 resources
  • Charging: a random color
  • By spells or creature abilities

Fix resource generation
[edit | edit source]
  • Any other turn after the very first one for the starting player: 1 resource for every faction used
  • Discarding: the color of the discarded card
  • By spells or creature abilities

When playing in a PvE arena, the resource generation for the AI is somewhat different, since it gains bonuses depending on the streak length. Please check here to see those bonuses.