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The player can gain ranks when playing in arenas by gathering points for winning matches. It is the usual ladder system, which is topped by the first place/rank. Points and therefore ranks can be gained until an arena closes. The closing time is always displayed in the fineprints of each arena in the arena tab. A player or deck only gets a rank, if the player already played at least 2 matches with the deck. Until then, a deck or player will always be ranked as 'Newbie'.

PvP vs. PvE ranks[edit | edit source]

Beware that in PvP arenas the points of all registered decks are summed up into a single score. Therefore there is only one rank obtainable in PvP arenas.

In PvE arenas every deck accumulates points on its own and so each deck gains ranks on its own.

Reward Tiers[edit | edit source]

Next to the individual ranks, the game differentiates between certain tiers, to make it clearer, when a player/deck qualifies for certain rewards. That means except for the champion and top 10 ranked decks, not the rank determines your reward tier, but the points of your decks do. Each arena has different minimum points as well as rewards for each tier.
Rookie Arena 147 Top 10 results

Right after registering deck(s), each deck is ranked as 'Newbie'. That means it isn't even ranked yet. But this rank is already eligable for Bronze rewards.

The current Reward Tiers are: