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A mutant is a variation of an already existing card. When a set is being officially released (!=prerelease), some of its cards get one or even multiple mutant versions. But not every card has a mutant version.

Mutant variations[edit | edit source]

There are 3 different forms of mutations:

+1 mutants[edit | edit source]

That means the card is one level higher, than normal. This is indicated with an +1 behind the card name and by the additional level symbol on the upper left of the card. Since they are a level higher than the normal card, +1 mutants are usually a more powerful version of the vanilla card. That is considered good if a +1 mutant creature is now able to withstand common removal like Hunt or Surprise Attack or that their abilities are significantly stronger now, eg: Seeker:Neriva +1 or Elf Hero Tris +1.

+1 mutant cards level up to level 4 since they don't have a level 1, which can be very powerful on its own. They cost as many ressources as the next level of the vanilla card would costs.

But there is another caveat, +1 mutants also cost a fraction of your XP to cast. That means they can't be cast on turn 1 of the starting player, since he could not accumulate any XP yet. It also means, that casting a +1 mutant will set you back when being played in the XP race - especially when you are still level 1.

-1 mutants[edit | edit source]

Cards with an absolute ability like 'kill a creature' or 'ressurect a creature' (through all their levels) are usually better the cheaper they are, since the ability doesn't change. So a -1 mutant of those cards is usually considered better than the vanilla version. Examples are Angel:Nevia -1 and Angel:Orperia -1.

Take into account, that -1 cards can't be played when you are level 1 in a match, since they actually don't have a level 0.

-1 mutants can be identified by the -1 after their card name.

Alternate color mutants[edit | edit source]

The card has a different color/belongs to a different camp (e.g. Eagle (Light)). This gives a certain versatility: If you already have 4 cards in one color in your deck, but need another card of that color camp - use its mutant from another color.

Combinations[edit | edit source]

The +1 and -1 mutant versions are mutually exclusive of course.

But they can be combined with a different color mutation like Vampire +1 (Mana).

Pros & Cons for using mutants[edit | edit source]

pro con
in general Versatility thanks to different color possibilites and different power levels Each mutant in your deck will reduce your starting hp by 1 hp; beware that this adds up after leveling - this means, you lose more than just one hp in the long run
-1 mutants they are cheaper they can't be played at level 1
+1 mutants 1+ cards are usually more powerful and level up to level 4 ressources costs of +1 mutants are higher & they cost XP to cast, too