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Dailiy mutant and draft missions[edit | edit source]

  • Draft missions with randomly generated cards (choosable)
  • the normal daily mission is being played with your own deck
  • play both advanced missions for 2x4 gems and potentially two mutant cards (see the shop page and our daily mutant thread for more info on that)
    • do not waste gems on getting other cards than the mutant card
    • most of the non mutant cards should be obtainable cheaper by other means
  • beware, that the mission difficulty seemingly got beefed up in comparison to G3 times

Story Missions[edit | edit source]

  • just enjoy them - they should make you giggle a couple of times
  • there is no need to aim for certain cards since all are commonly available
    • If you still want just the best cards, choose Hunt and....??
  • Currently Nexon works on a sequel for the story missions - it ended after chapter 5 (??)