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Gems are next to Gold another currency in the game.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Gems are being used to

How to get them[edit | edit source]

They are obtainable through various methods:

  • by being bought via cash on the shop page
  • as rewards for missions or arena finishes
  • as random rewards for buying boosters
  • getting them gifted by other players
  • by being lucky in the rouelette
  • getting them as compensation for issues from devcat

Gold - Gems exchange rate[edit | edit source]

Since it is often being debated if to seal a card or not when buying. So here are some hard facts for the gold - gems exchange rate:

  • The best is the Gold Membership: 1 gem = 1k gold
  • The wors ratio is the FB ratio: 1 gem = 5 k gold