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Duels (or matches) are the heart of Mabinogi Duel. In those you can challenge the AI or other players in turn based battles. The goal of each match is to reduce the opponent's HP to zero.

It is only possible for two players to duel each other. Bigger mutliplayer matches have neither been implemented, nor have they been announced yet.

When playing a match in an arena or mission, you will be taken to a screen, where the actual duel takes place.

The board

The Duel Screen[edit | edit source]

The screen is divided into three main sections:

The upper third - The Opponent[edit | edit source]

The chosen hero of the opponent uses up the biggest part here. The ability of that hero is always shown in the lower right of the its portait.

In the upper left corner

  • the opponents name
  • the name of the opponent's deck
  • and the level of the deck's ghost when playing in a PvE arena

are shown.

The middle part - The Battlefields[edit | edit source]

There is battlefield for each player in the middle section of the screen. Here is, where most of the action takes place. Each battlefield is divided into 5 slots or lanes. A lane is used to place a creature there. Most interactions between creatures happen with creatures facing each other in a lane. The most common ones are attacking or blocking.

The lower part - The Player[edit | edit source]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]



Positioning on the battlefield