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When you use your collection of cards to compile a certain set of cards to compete in a mission or an arena, that is called a deck.

Deck size[edit | edit source]

A deck in Mabinogi Duel consists of up to 12 cards and can have or up to three different factions.

Deck name[edit | edit source]

A deck is either called like its most resource expensive card or if there are three copies of one card in it, 'Triple <card name>'. If there are even more than three copies of a single card in a deck, it is called 'Infinite <card name>'.

The name of deck can already give a lot of clues what to expect from an opponent's deck. But beware of mutants, which can trick you into wrong colors (e.g. with Mana Hellhound) or wrong resource costs (since a +1 mutant might mask a normally more expensive card). This guessing and masking is especially important in PvP arenas.

Preconstructed Decks[edit | edit source]

Nexon does provide some a preconstructed decks on the shop page, that can be purchased for gems.

Starter Packs[edit | edit source]

Main article: Starter Packs

There are two Starter Packs, which seem to be changed every now and then.

The player chooses one starter pack for free after registration and the remaining one can be purchased for gems later

Structure Decks[edit | edit source]

Main article: Structure Decks

Nexon introduced Structure Decks with the 300 days Global launch clebration event. So far there were 6 different Structure Decks. The first three decks were pretty bad and linked to the special event arena of this event.

Currently there are three more advanced Structure Decks available on the shop page