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Cat Merchant

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The Cat Merchant is the ever present, incredibly devious merchant and mascot of Mabinogi Duel and Devcat. He serves as a rng merchant (see Scam Cat), as a hero character (see the hero chapter) and will also be the first friend of the player (see the last chapter).

"Scam Cat"[edit | edit source]

The Cat Merchant will visit the Player to trade cards - that are often skewed with trades that are in his favor, although with extreme patience and a lot of luck, he may offer the player a fantastic deal.

Beware, that all cards you will get from the Cat Merchant, will lose one additional condition point. So it works like you buy a card without sealing it.

So in order to not be scammed by this little cutie, you should be well aware of card values, rarities, prices and how much certain cards are being sought after. Also it's important to consider if you want to keep the cards you get or if you want to sell them. Since selling them is harder if the lose one condition point.

The higher the cat values your cards, the more valuable cards it will offer.

Hint: To have a higher chance in having the Cat Merchant choose more valuable cards from your stock, try to keep the junk cards at a minimum. This is best achieved by using the Card Appraiser (NPC). Also, if you like to gamble, try to keep/get bad plus mutant cards, since they have a very high gold value and are still very cheap in Personal Shops.

The hero character[edit | edit source]

The Cat Merchant is also the one who the Player can practice duel for 1 stamina point, who often uses decks comprised of unreleased cards (example: if the season is currently G1, the Cat Merchant will predominantly use G2 cards in his deck). Dueling him can under specific conditions unlock more hero options (example, is winning duels against him 30 times).

Ability: Discard[edit | edit source]

Whenever Revive is used, discard a random card and gain 1-2 (gold)

Unlock condition
[edit | edit source]


Acquisition condition
[edit | edit source]

Received 50 cards

Usage[edit | edit source]

The cat is a great choice for AI decks in PvE if the deck contains Gold. Since the AI loves to revive, it gets at least additional resources out of it to fuel to onslaught against the player.

A friend (NPC)[edit | edit source]

Also the Car Merchant will be your first friend in your friend list. It will always be there, if you are looking for some testing matches against the AI (probably equivalent to a lvl 0 ghost).

With patch 2017/03/29 the Cat Merchant now sells staple cards from G1 to G3 in 3/4 condition as a compensation for the removal of the Gold Boosters.

The Cat Merchant is als available via the Home Menu.