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Card Appraiser (NPC)

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The Card Appraiser NPC can be found on the top of the friend list page. It has to abilities. The first is giving the option to sell excess cards back to the game and the second ability gives players the ability to exchange reworked cards for Special Tickets.

Selling Cards[edit | edit source]

This option lists all cards the player owns and that are not participating in an arena at the moment. It's purpose is to be able to sell cards which the player can't or doesn't want to sell to other players. That will net some gold or even better rewards. The awarded gold for each card equals the gold value shown on each card.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Since that many cards are shown, it is advised to use the filter first. The valuable cards should be filtered out that way, e.g. mutants, 5 star cards, plus cards and so on. Then start choosing the cards to sell.

Since there is no detailed view of the cards in the Exchanger, the player should better know the pictures of the cards to not accidentally sell something of importance. The gold sum for all checked cards is shown at the top.

Possible rewards[edit | edit source]

For selling certain amounts of cards, the game will reward the player with some tickets or even boosters additionally to the gold. Those rewards can be found in the message tab after exiting the Cards Exchanger.

So far the following rewards are obtainable:

  • pre-release tickets (every 5.000? gold)
  • pre-release ticket gifts
  • a Super booster

Exchanging reworked Cards
[edit | edit source]

If a patch did rework certain cards (either by boosting or nerfing them) and the player has them in the binder, they do show up here and can be exchanged for Special Tickets. Beware, that the time frame for that exchange is limited. It is only possibly up to the next update/event/patch, which is usually every 14 days.

The exchange rates are the same as for repairing cards with Blacksmith Ferghus.

Note: After the 2017/03/15 patch, the card exchanger has been discontinued and since then replaced by the Card Appraiser NPC