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Cards are the heart of Mabinogi Duel. They are used to build decks to later challenge the AI or other players with them. Currently there are two different kinds of cards: Creatures and spells.

All cards and mutants can be viewed in Nexon's card database.

Card details[edit | edit source]

A card contains a lot of different information

  • Card name plus the card's level if higher than level 1 and optionally
  • Card type: creature (when it has an attack and hp value) or spell
  • Faction
  • Generation
  • stars, showing the card's rarity
    • stars and rarity don't mean much in this game regarding the card's actual gold value
    • it also determines the possible maximum and mimimum price as well as the sealing cost in gems of a card
  • resource cost
    • this many resources are needed to cast the card
    • usually each level of a card costs one resource more
    • but there are exceptions:
      • Lady: Sherr - costs 1 resource at every level
      • Growth Vine - its level 2 costs 3 resources and its level 3 costs 5 ressources (5-3=2)
  • detailed view -> click Help
    • condition -> this is mostly important for selling the card or trading in general
    • stats and abilities for the other lvls of the cards are shown