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Booster packs or just boosters are a somewhat random compilation of 5 cards. They can be purchased from the shop page.

The basics[edit | edit source]

The following will explain the basic concepts of boosters in Mabinogi Duel. Read them carefully, to understand what booster might be better obtained when.

Content[edit | edit source]

Contrary to other TCGs, there is a big assortment of different boosters, which have certain defined range of cards they can include. Ususally the range of obtainable cards in each booster can be checked by clicking on the booster and then pressing 'View included cards'.

Only Mutant Super Booster don't offer this feature, since they can randomly contain nearly every card in the game (see below for more details).

Cover card and chances[edit | edit source]

The card represented of the booster's cover is usually the most expensive/rare card in that booster. With the exception of the Mutant Super Booster, the card on the front of the booster cover can - with a certain chance - be obtained when buying the booster.
Just check the content of the booster to get an idea of the chance you will have, to get that certain card. The 'at least a 2 star or better' rule will help to calculate the chance if the cover card has at least 2 stars.

Example: The cover card has 3 stars and the booster also contains 4 other cards with at least 2 stars. The chance to get the cover card would be 1:5 then. Beware, that the star count of a card also seems to have an impact on the chances. A 5 star card has worse chances than a 2 star card.

[edit | edit source]

Except for Super, Event, Prerelease and Plus Boosters, the content of every booster changes every 2 hours. The most important change is of course the cover card.

Only the Mission Mutant Boosters follow a certain pattern (see below for more details). The rotation of the other boosters seems to be random.

Pattern rotations reset every day at 9:00 am UTC / 11:00 pm EST / 5:00 am CET.

Costs[edit | edit source]

Except for Single Gold Boosters, all boosters have a default cost of 30 gems.

This cost can be further reduced by tickets except for Prerelease Boosters.

Boosters in detail[edit | edit source]

Here is a list of all boosters, obtainable by gems in the game.

Event Booster[edit | edit source]

Rotation: none/varies

These boosters are always event specific and therefore only available for a limited time.

Usually there are 15 different cards with 2 or more stars obtainable. So that means there is a 1:15 chance to get one of those cards. Sometimes event boosters just hold an assortment of cards that might be helpful in the current limited arena or event arena. On other times it advertises new Alternate Art (AA) cards.

Mutant Super Booster[edit | edit source]

Rotation: none

Mutant Super Booster can contain any card in the game, that is not a collaboration or pre-release card. This includes even the most expensive mutant and AA cards. But of course the cance to get a certain or even a super rare card is extremeley small.

Update 2016/11/16: Mutant Super Booster now won't contain any G1 or G2 anymore. That means that they lost 372 cards plus their mutants - so lets say about 600 cards.

Patch 2017/02/08: This patch brought ALL mutants back. Only the normal cards from G1 and G2 were cut from Mutant Super Booster. All Plus set cards are also still included.

Prerelease Booster
[edit | edit source]

Rotation: none/varies

If currently available, these boosters will be only purchasable with prerelease tickets and only for the full price of 30 gems. They always contain new cards, which are not obtainable anywhere else. Lately devcat is realeasing prerelease boosters in four 'waves' one after another:

  • wave 1 to 3 will contain one third of the new set
  • wave 4 will finally include all prerelease cards

Latest [current set] Plus Booster
[edit | edit source]

Rotation: 24 hours

The latest set Plus boosters have a 'P' after the current set name - for 'plus'. This indicates the special expansion for the latest generation. Usually those cards a pretty powerful.

Daily Mutant Boosters[edit | edit source]

Rotation: 2 hours

There are two boosters, that are connected to the current daily/draft mutant mission. Those boosters can contain 0 to at least 2 copies of the mutant on the cover. Please check the the forum's daily mutant thread for more information - especially in the first post!

Daily Mission Mutant Card Rotation Booster[edit | edit source]

This booster contains the mutant, displayed on the cover / the booster title.

Draft Mission Plus Card Rotation Booster[edit | edit source]

This booster contains the plus card, displayed on the cover / the booster title.

Season 5-star Card Booster
[edit | edit source]

Rotation: 24 hours

This booster is all about the 5 star cards. It is meant as a possibility to get certain 5 star cards without going through the Mutant Super Booster.

Discontinued boosters
[edit | edit source]

The following booster packs had been in the game previously but are not obtainable anymore.

Latest [current set] Booster
[edit | edit source]

Rotation: 2 hours

These latest set booster contains cards only from the current set. So if the cover card is not something super valuable, ignore to buy these boosters - get them as rewards in the arenas.

Last Season Booster
[edit | edit source]

Rotation: 2 hours

Nexon bundled all card from previous sets G1 - G4 in these boosters. No plus, collaboration or prerelease sets and no mutants or special edition / alternate art cards are included though.

So you can say, that the Last Season Booster is a worse Mutant Super Booster in nearly every way. With the cover card mechanic being the sole exception to that. -> If that card is a really expensive one (which is hard for regular cards), it might be worthwile to buy a Last Season Booster.

Single Gold Booster
[edit | edit source]

Rotation: 2 hours

Default cost: 999 gold

Get your 3 free cards per day here. But don't try to get certain cards here. It's rarely profitable.


If there are really expensive 3 star or lower cards in there, it might be worthwhile to buy them 30 packs at a time. Current examples are Alby Stone Golem and Magician:Masked Field. Not only should the cards make a litlle profit if not to unlucky, but selling all the surplus cards either in the Personal Shop as well or to the Card Appraiser (NPC) will also net a good amount of Gold or even bonus boosters (rewards from the Card Appraiser (NPC)).